Supports for Youth 18+ Years of Age


What is a KARE Plan?

This is a health and dental benefits plan for children and youth in care up until 21 years of age. When in care and under the age of 18, your worker and caregiver handle this information. When you turn 18 and begin a life of independence, it is important to know how to properly use this plan and exactly what it covers. Please note: the KARE Plan is not to be considered as a private plan.


It is important to know that the KARE Plan is only able to process claims that are paid directly to the provider. So, for any dentist that is providing care, they must process the claim through Greenshield Canada (GSC) for payment direct to themselves. Most prescriptions at many pharmacies are included in the KARE Plan coverage; however, the pharmacist may try to submit their medications to the OHIP+ Plan before submitting to the KARE Plan.

What Does the KARE Plan Cover?

  • Vision – up to $300
  • Eye Exam – covers $100 every 24 months and $350 for glasses/contacts every 24 months
  • Dental – cleanings and fillings covered 100%
  • Massage Therapy – $500 max every calendar year at $93/hr (letter must be provided by doctor)
  • Physiotherapy – $500 max every calendar year at $93/hr (letter must be provided by doctor)

If you are over 18 years of age and have questions about your KARE Plan, please feel free to contact Cassie, the Youth in Care Leader, for any assistance.

CLICK here to access the KARE Plan Booklet 📖